Particle Fever

An exciting and new documentary that follows six brilliant scientists during the launch of the Large Hadron Collider Read more

Watch and Discuss ‘Particle Fever’ on August 26 at UChicago

Science on the Screen

Science on the Screen is a new film and discussion series created to further public understanding of science, technology, math and engineering through art and dialogue with the world-leading faculty of the University of Chicago. “Science on the Screen” also aims to excite and educate school-aged children about science through hands-on exploration of science.

The series is sponsored by UChicago Arts|Science Initiative; the UChicago Office of the Vice President for Research and for National Laboratories; and the Chicago Council for Science and Technology.

Adult Program

Twice yearly, Science on the Screen will present a popular culture film or documentary depicting themes or concepts related to science and/or technology. At the conclusion of each screening, a lively moderated conversation between the audience and UChicago experts in science, math, technology and engineering will ensue.  Film selections are based on the strength and appeal of scientific concepts presented in the film and the recommendations of UChicago faculty members. Occasionally, special guests, such as filmmakers, film critics, and actors will be invited to join discussions.

Proceeds from the adult programs will go to Chicago Council for Science and Technology (C2ST) in support of their mission to enhance public understanding and appreciation of science and technology. 

Kids Program

Science on the Screen will present one film per year for children in grades K-8. Free snacks  and drinks will be provided. After the film, UChicago graduate students and and scientists will conduct kid-friendly, hands-on science demonstrations related to the film.

Kids programs are free and open to the public.

For more information, or if you would like to submit an idea for a future event, please contact Julie-Marie Lemon,, or Lisa La Vallee at

Event Sponsors

Arts|Science Initiative/Office of the Provost

The University of Chicago Arts|Science Initiative seeks to cultivate, optimize, and sustain dialogue between artistic and scientific inquiry through collaborative exchange.  Cross-fertilization of the arts and the sciences is emerging as one of the most exciting intellectual enterprises.  The university-wide Arts Initiative, in partnership with the Office of the Provost and the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts (established the Arts|Science Initiative with the support of the Divisions of the Biological and Physical Sciences, the Institute for Molecular Engineering, Humanities, and the Office of the Vice President for Research and for National Laboratories. At the heart of this Initiative is to bring together voices from the arts and the sciences to explore new modes of artistic and scientific production and inquiry. It serves as a trans-disciplinary hub within our academic framework and reaches to other institutions, and the wider public.  

Chicago Council for Science and Technology (C2ST)

C²ST seeks to be the preeminent regional consortium for science- and technology-related education and policy and a prominent voice nationally. C²ST will be an advocate for regional science policy and among the nation’s leading sources of information on policy issues of science and technology. In establishing the Chicago Council on Science and Technology in 2006, the founders sought to bring together Chicago’s scientific leaders – academic, corporate, government, museums, universities and national laboratories- to provide a forum for the discussion of current issues of scientific interest.

Office of the Vice President for Research and for National Laboratories

The OVPRNL provides guidance and support to UChicago researchers and scholars in their pursuit of new knowledge from proposal and program development to grant management and invention disclosure. The OVPRNL is also responsible for stewardship and oversight of the University’s contracts with the U.S. Department of Energy to manage Argonne National Laboratory and co-manage Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory through UChicago Argonne LLC and Fermi Research Alliance, LLC.